Today we’re talking about something that is a major pet peeve of ours. Grass clippings in the street. I get it, when mowing near the road it’s easy to just leave the clippings where they land. But this can be a huge issue for several reasons. First, and probably the most trivial, is that it just looks bad. Secondly, grass clippings get into the city’s drainage system and can clog things up, making it a time consuming and costly problem. Lastly, it’s a major road hazard. Cars, bicyclists, and most importantly, motorcyclists, can slip and slide over grass clippings causing wrecks which could result in some major injuries. So please, if you cut your grass and get some in the street, take the extra 5 minutes to either blow it back into your yard or rake and bag it. I hope this helps and maybe we taught you something new today. If you have any questions for us, let us know!

Photo Credit: Brenda Bennett