Happy Friday everyone! We wanted to give a reminder that in the state of Louisiana, if you have a backflow preventer/vacuum breaker device, it needs to be inspected once a year. This has to be done by a licensed professional who sends documentation to the state.

Properly functioning backflow prevention is important because it makes sure your water is on a one-way system of flow. This prevents your lawn irrigation system from contaminating your drinking water in the event of a backflow.

Backflow testing assesses the pressure levels of your backflow preventer device and makes sure it’s functioning as it should. The tech that performs the testing then sends the results to the state for you.

We offer backflow testing for a $150 flat fee and take care of the entire process for you. If you need to get that taken care of, give us a call today at 318-286-0967 or send us a message to get started.

P.S. Happy Good Friday! We hope you have a great Easter Weekend!