Got Ants in your plants?
Native ants are valuable in many ways. They prey on many pest insects including fly larvae and termites, help aerate soil, are important pollinators and provide a great service to the environment. The goal is not to eliminate ants, but to manage them.
The most effective way to manage ants around the interior and exterior of your home is to call a pest control professional. Their knowledge and products make ant issues a thing of the past! Here are some tips to help keep ants away:

Clean Up
Ants thrive in a messy environment! Eliminating food, clutter, crumbs, etc. helps deter them.
For indoor pets food/water try to use a mixture of water and vinegar around their food bowls.
Create a Perimeter
Using an outdoor insecticide to create a perimeter around your home’s foundation. This can be done yourself, or through a pest control program.
Get Rid of Their Tracks
Ants leave behind a scented trail that can be smelled by the rest of the colony. This is how they are able to carry large quantities of food. Spraying a water & vinegar mixture where you’ve seen the ants can help throw off the scent.
Destroy the Source
You have to eliminate the source: the entire colony. If you have seen scout ants then leaving behind some poisoned ant baits should do the trick.
Take Back Your Yard
These tips, along with a good pest control system can help you keep ants at bay!

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