When you hear “azalea” you probably think about a plant that needs shade and only blooms once a year around Easter. What if I told you that everything you know about azaleas is false? Just kidding. It’s not false. BUT there *is* an azalea that doesn’t fit into the typical azalea mold. Encore azaleas are a different species of azalea that gives a little more. These guys bloom once in the spring, like their cousins, but they also bloom in the fall! Hence the name “encore.” They’re also able to withstand direct sunlight; something that your typical azalea cannot do either. With the pros, you always get a con. Encore azaleas don’t get as large as other azaleas, but if that doesn’t bother you, maybe you’d consider adding them to your flower beds. If you guys have any questions about azaleas, just let us know.  Have a great weekend everyone!