Earwigs are pests that are occasional invaders. That means they rarely come in a home unless outside conditions are unfavorable for them. Which is why you may be seeing them inside now! These insects prefer a happy medium between too wet and too dry (don’t we all!). Neither the eggs or adults can withstand long periods of dryness, so they invite themselves inside. They are active at night and hide during the day in moist, shady places such as under stones, logs, or in mulch. Usually, a high population of earwigs means there is lots of old mulch and other organic debris that is breaking down or other pests that they feed on are present. Removing all non-essential mulch, leaf litter, stones, or any foliage will help keep them away from the home. Any trees or shrubs that are touching your home should be trimmed away. Hope this helps and if you have any questions about earwigs or other pests, let us know!