Here’s a tip you may not be aware of. Whether you are a DIY-er or you have someone come install termite bait stations for you, be aware of your drip line. The roof of your house overhangs the wall a bit and when it rains, there is usually a very obvious area where you can see that water falls off and hits the ground. This is your drip line. This area sees a lot of water and it is very difficult to get grass to grow. What does this have to do with termite you ask? Good question, Emily! If you install your bait stations on your drip line, the stations will begin to deteriorate more quickly than normal. Even if you decide to use liquid treatments, that will break down quickly as well do to the water. So you really want your treatments and prevention to be outside of your drip line to increase the longevity and not have to replace them prematurely. I hope this helps and if you guys have any termite related questions, or any other landscape or pest questions, let us know!