In our area it’s pretty normal to start cleaning up your flower beds in February or March. While there is nothing wrong with getting a head start there are a few important things to remember before you start trimming. Typically speaking in our area Azaleas don’t bloom until April and into May. If you were to trim your azaleas to early in February or March you would actually be removing a lot of the bloom buds that are going produce the flowers. Since the blooms are the main reason planting the azaleas it’s a loose loose! The proper time to trim these shrubs in immediately after they drop all of their flowers. Usually May or June. This is also a great time to feed them with a nice slow release granular fertilizer. Also don’t forget to regularly inspect your azaleas for bugs or other pest. Typically it’s to late and the damage is done before most people realize there is even an issue! Hope this helps!