Good morning and happy Wednesday. We’ve got Dylan here to bring some advice to help reduce pests around your home. On top of regular pest control treatments, a few other things you can do is make sure to reduce the amount of food, water, or shelter your property offers bugs.

Do your best not to over-water your plants/grass, because standing water can attract all sorts of bugs. If you have overgrown foliage or limbs touching the side of your house, bugs can easily set up there for shelter, making them more likely to crawl inside the house. It’s also important to keep exposed food to a minimum so bugs aren’t coming to eat it. Outside, having trash hanging out of your trash can, dog food out for long periods of time, or piles of wet wood could attract pests. Inside, make sure to clean up spills and crumbs quickly.

We hope this helps! If you need help with a certain type of pest or have any questions feel free to reach out. We also offer regular pest control treatment, mosquito control, and termite control/inspections. Have a good one. #CaddoParish#matthewspestcontrol#pestcontroltips#bugs#pestcontrol#shreveportpestcontrol#termites