Are you ready to rip your hair out as you watch hundreds of weeds sprout in your beautiful summer lawn? Don’t get angry… get active! 

When it comes to dealing with weeds in your yard, the best treatment comes before weeds start to pop up. In contrast to reactive lawn treatments like Roundup, pre-emergents are proactive and work to prevent weeds from growing. 


Pre-emergent herbicides are applied before the weed seedlings emerge through the soil surface. They help prevent germination from occurring underground, which keeps weeds from breaching the surface of the lawn. These herbicides fatally interrupt the life cycle of the weeds. They’re effective for most common lawn weeds. 


Post-emergents include chemical sprays like Roundup that are sprayed on already-established weeds. Once weeds are visible in the lawn, they’re already spreading and much harder to control. Post-emergents are reactive, rather than proactive.


Timing is everything when it comes to pre-emergents. The pre-emergents we’re applying right now will help prevent summertime weeds like crabgrass. Once the soil reaches an average of 55 degrees, summer weeds will start their life cycle.  If you get your pre-emergents applied before this happens, you will help stop this process and prevent the weeds from growing this summer.

We recommend pre-emergents as the best way to reduce weeds in your yard. Our fertilization and weed control program includes 6 lawn treatments per year to feed the grass, prevent seasonal weeds, and control insects such as fire ants that want to make a home in your yard. If you’re interested in a free estimate for fertilization and weed control, call us at 318-286-0967 or go to Have a good one!