Dollar Leaf Weed is a very common weed you will find in the south.  It is commonly described as “mini lily pads” which is exactly what they look like.  You will find them in any type of grass. They like really wet areas in your yard so if you have area in your yard where water does not train really well, you might see this weed start growing. It is considered a broadleaf weed so you can prevent it and you can kill it with any type of atrazine product.

Dollar Leaf Weed has an almost identical twin called Dichondra Weed.  The difference between them is that the Dollar leaf weed has a stem that hits the leaf in the center.  The Dichondra weed has a stem that grows on the side of the leaf that causes the leaf to make a half moon. Dollar Leaf Weed is a very low growing weed so cutting your grass higher will allow the grass to choke out the Dollar Leaf Weed.  Here is a product we suggest using in helping with Dollar Leaf Weed. Let us know if you have any questions!  Have a great day!