This morning we ran a poll asking you to identify a weed. 40% said crabgrass and 60% of you said dallisgrass. This is in fact dallisgrass! They’re very similar and tend to be confused for one another. Crabgrass has small seed heads that are very fine while dallisgrass seed heads are larger and have small black spots. Crabgrass also grows lower to the ground, while dallisgrass is taller and more upright. It’s also considered spongier when walking on it compared to dallisgrass.

While your yard is still dormant, you’ll definitely want to start looking for dallisgrass. These weeds are devastating if left to spread, and dallisgrass is not affected by pre-emergents because the root system is so deep in the soil. If you see dallisgrass start to appear in your grass, you’ll want to spray the very center of the weed clump with Round-up. When your grass starts to come out of dormancy, it will fill in the dead areas left by the dallisgrass.

We hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to leave them below or send us a message. If you need weed treatment, give us a call at 318-286-0967 for a free estimate. Have a good one!