Do you have crop circles in your yard?  Worried that aliens may have landed?

Well I hate to break it to you but that is actually a fungus and what you need is a fungicide. Brown Patch is its name and damage is its game! It is very common this time of the year when we are getting temperatures swings of 20-30 degrees between the highs and lows. St. Augustine is the most prone of all the grasses by far. It is also very fast moving and needs to be treated pretty quick. In the example here we sprayed it within 2 days of noticing the fungus. Make sure to use a quality fungicide and apply it following the label on the bottle. Also, don’t be surprised if you need more than one application. It is also important to rotate your types of fungicides out so that a resistance does not build up. As soon as we start getting warm temperatures on a regular basis you will be able to let your guard down. Also, if you neighbors lawn get the brown patch, don’t be surprised if you get it as well.