Are you wondering why your grass looks so crappy right now?  It’s a battle we have been fighting this year all over.  Everything has been done correctly but your yard looks bad.  The truth is that even if you have done the right things, we are still dependent on the weather.  While the temps outside have been pretty amazing they are not ideal for aggressive grass growth.  Think back just a week ago and we had night time lows getting into the 30’s and 40’s.  For grass to grow properly we need these night time lows in the 60’s.  These temperature swings can also create issues when like a month ago we had a week of ideal conditions that promote new growth followed by the cool down.  All the new tender growth is prone to fungus and other issues.  Looking at the extended forecast however there is relief on the way!  We feel confident that warmer temperatures are almost here and will stay helping the grass kick into overdrive and really take off.  If you have any questions let us know!