It’s going to get into the 30’s the next few days and several people are worried about their plants.  One plant everyone stresses about are palms. Generally speaking, you only need to worry about these when there is ice and snow covering them.  In the event we get into the low 20’s so long periods of time you can expect some damage as well. All that said with the upcoming weather you will be ok.  You can however expect to see some damage to your summer time annual flowers. This isn’t a huge issue though because it is time for them to die off anyway.  Depending on if we get a frost as well you may also expect to see some damage to your tropical plants as well. Again, this time of year we expect them to die back and require maintenance.  There is also no need to worry about your sprinkler system right now either. Frankly, it isn’t going to be cold enough long enough for there to be any freezing issues. Hope this helps!