Now that it’s time to hang your Christmas lights let’s talk about a few options for making sure they give you that crisp professional look.  Other than the obvious of using commercial grade bulbs, the next important piece of material used in the clip that holds the light. There are 4 basic types that are used for installs.  The best in our opinion is the shingle tab. This allows the plastic tabs to slide under the shingle and hold the lights in line. Another option if you have gutters is the gutter clip or all in one clip.  These simply grab the gutter and hold the light in place. Surface mount clips can be used to line walls, fences and other places where you want lights on a flat surface. Another one that most people do know exist is the magnetic lights.  These have an actual magnet in the base of the socket and can attach to anything metal. All of these clips have their own specific use and serve a different purpose. Hope this helps!