With the hotter temperatures, Chinch bugs are becoming more and more active and you want to keep them happy! These bugs can do some serious damage to a lawn within a matter of DAYS! Chinch bugs live and reproduce down in the cooler layer of the grass. If a lawn’s soil becomes too dry, the bugs begin to travel to the surface and feed on the blades of grass. When Chinch bugs feed, they inject poison into the grass and eventually suck the nutrients from the grass blade. If gone untreated, this will quickly result in unsightly large dead patches throughout. Active infestations can be treated with an insecticide (Something like Bifenthrin). This will eliminate them quickly. Keep in mind this will not fix the damage that has already been done. Chinch bugs can very well be prevented with a proper watering schedule. Just remember when you’re water– Deeply, but infrequently! Only you can prevent Chinch bug damage.