Happy Thursday! Lavender is a popular flowering perennial, usually associated with calming minds. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, India, and Europe, and there are currently 47 known species. Spanish and French lavender tends to thrive best in Louisiana, rather than English lavender.

When it comes to soil, lavender needs well-draining soil. To combat our state’s humidity, many plant lavender in soil with rocks or sand to absorb moisture. It prefers deep, infrequent watering, instead of frequent watering to avoid root rot and other issues.

Lavender also prefers full sun and warm temperatures, although the brutal Louisiana summers might require some afternoon shade. One pro of planting it here is that it’s drought-tolerant, unlike many species that suffer during dry months.

Lavender is a beautiful purple plant, with a fragrant, calming scent. Its flowers can be used in essential oil, lavender tea, or to add flavoring to lemonade and other drinks.

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