Poinsettias are a staple at the Christmas season and you can find them everywhere during the holiday season. From malls to front porches they bring the color to Christmas. They come in many different colors: red, white, and pink.  When choosing your poinsettia you want to look at the stem.  The stem needs to be thick and strong.  Stay away from stems that have breaks or wilting as it will cause the plant to wilt faster.  Most poinsettias will last about 4-6 weeks with proper care.  Once the flowers start to fall off the poinsettia life is near it’s end.  Poinsettias need sunlight to survive.  Placing them in a window makes them happy.  They are also temperature sensitive. They like it to be about 65 to 75 degrees.  They don’t need a lot of watering.  You will know it’s time to water when the soil on top gets dry to the touch.  So don’t over water them.  Once the poinsettia has bloomed, you do not need fertilizer.  Just water.  Side note:  Poinsettia is NOT poisonous.  They have gotten a bad rap in the past however they safe for human and pets.  Just don’t try to eat it… mainly because that’s just gross.  If you need more information on Poinsettias, click here.