Every year when I was little we would always go to the local tree farm and pick out the perfect family tree.  Being I had siblings, we always fought over the biggest or fluffiest or the one that just had that smell… the smell of pine and the woods…  the smell of Christmas.  We would get to rotate every year who would get to choose.  Some years we even felt sorry for the “imperfect” trees and would get them. Sure they leaned over a little and weren’t perfect… but those are the trees I remember the most.

If you are venturing out this holiday season to purchase your own Christmas tree, here are a few things to remember.  When selecting a tree, slightly pull on some stems.  If the needles fall off, move on to the next tree.  You want to find a tree that has no needles falling off.  Once you get the tree home you want to cut about 1/2 inch off the bottom.  This will allow the water to absorb into the tree.  Speaking of water… you need to water your tree everyday!!!  Christmas trees can absorb up to a gallon of water a day!  They are thirsty, so don’t forget to water them.  You want to pick a spot in your house away from any heat sources.  We all remember the movie the Christmas Vacation and you don’t want your Christmas tree to go POOF like theirs.  After Christmas is over with what do you do with your tree????  Here in Louisiana, we like to take our trees to our favorite fishing hole!  The fish will use the christmas tree as cover and come spring, you’ll know exactly where to find them! If you have any questions about Christmas Tree care, let us know.  Have a great Holiday Season!!