Do you have a part of your yard that just holds water? Maybe even after the rest of the yard has dried up, there’s that one place that just stays wet? You may notice that particular area has virtually no grass, or the grass that is there is full of weeds. When water stands in one place of your yard for a long time, the grass just isn’t going to do well. Another issue that you’ll run into is the break down of any chemicals that you use on your grass, particularly pre-emergents. The water breaks down the chemical over time and makes it ineffective at keeping weeds at bay. There are several options to solve your water woes. The area can be leveled or you can install a drain to route the water else where. Bottom line is, if you want healthy weed-free grass in those wet areas, you’ll have to get it died up a bit first. Hope this helps and let us know if you have any questions!