Happy Monday! One of our southern staples blooming right now is the azalea. There are currently 17 species of azaleas in the US, coming in red, white, orange, and pink.

All azalea species need full sun and acidic soil, as well as proper mulching to prevent the roots from burning in the summer. During the heat, you’ll want to water azaleas deep and infrequently to thoroughly soak the roots.

Fertilization is important for the azaleas life cycle and should be applied in late winter or early spring. If you need to trim your azaleas back, you should do so after they drop their blooms in late spring.

If you’re looking for a pop of color not once, but twice a year, Encore Azaleas have two complete blooms in spring and fall.

We hope you learned something! If you take any azalea pictures around town, feel free to tag us in them, we’d love to see . And don’t forget- tomorrow is the first day of spring. See you then!