Why Now Is The Time

Pre Emergents are super important to lawn care and now is the time to apply them.  It happens every year to us.  We preach the importance of Pre Emergents in Shreveport / Bossier City lawn care.  Some listen and act soon.  Others wait until April and May to start their lawn care.  Why?  Because by this time their lawn is full of weeds from all the rain and warm temperatures.  The reaction is usually to put out some weed & feed or call a lawn care company.  The problem is by this point the weeds have already germinated and are ready to grow.  Lawn care and fertilization is something you have to be pro active about.  Even after you first get started you have patience.  Steps you take will be for the benefit of your lawn months from now.  Applying pre emergents back in the fall is what would have stopped weeds from being a issue today.  Applying pre emergents now is what will stop the weeds from being an issue this summer.

Not only is timing super important but also make sure you are using the correct products.  When it comes to pre emergents in the grass for the Shreveport / Bossier area, liquid is what works the best.  When you go this route you are able to get the barrier down to the soil right away and dont have to worry about the granular getting washed away.  The say this is try with you are using insecticides and herbicides.  Liquid is just a far more accurate and effective route to take.  The other thing most people are surprised by is that its often just as cheap to have the service provided for you.  By the time you pay homeowners prices for products and then purchase and maintain the equipment needed to apply, we can do it for the same price.

If you need help with picking out a provider, feel free to email us are [email protected].  We can help make suggestions about products.  If you need help buy a product, Do My Own Pest Control is a great source to have items shipped right to your door step!