Core aeration is a process where small plugs are taken out of the ground. This allows space for water, air, and nutrients to get down to the roots of the grass to help it thrive. Aeration is a massive help to any yard, but most people don’t think about it unless they have very hard and compacted soil. A good way to check if you have hard compacted soil is to take a screwdriver and try to push it into the ground. If the screwdriver is difficult to drive down into the soil, you may have compacted soil. Core aeration can be very labor intensive and a little pricey. If this isn’t an option for you, don’t worry! There are also liquid aeration products on the market. These products work by creating tiny micro cracks in the soil so water, air, and nutrients can get to the roots. Hope this helps and if you guys have any questions about aeration, let us know!