The Christmas season is about family and joy and Christmas lights!!  It’s always been a favorite childhood memory of mine to hop in the car and drive around looking at all the different Christmas light display.  Now that I am a adult it’s fun to spruce up my yard with that same joy I had when I was a kid.  Fast forward to today, Christmas light displays have changed… drastically.  At any given time you can drive down your street and find lights not only on the roofline but lights around the columns, lights on the fence, lights around the front door and every window, lamp post etc….  you might even see a 6ft Mickey Mouse blow up decoration as well.  It’s safe to say this isn’t your grandmas light idea anymore.

This year we wanted to bring you a few more ideas to add some flare to your yard.  Everyone knows lights on the house give it that extra glow but have you considered adding lights to your tree trunks?  Yes, tree trunks!  It’s so simple and will add so much “wow” to your landscape.   First you want to get some string lights and you want to wrap the tree trunk (or limbs).  You want to make sure the spacing is about 2 – 4 inches apart.  Every so often, add a few staples just to make sure you keep those stings in place.  At night, this will give your yard an even better glow.

If you have any questions about Christmas light install, please give us a call.  Matthews Landscape has been in the Christmas Lights Installation business since 2008. Our focus has always been on making the installation and maintenance of your lights a stress free part of your holiday celebration. To make sure you receive the best experience available we have made sure every installer goes through a series of training and safety classes to help them become the best they can be.  We provide all the custom fit materials to our clients for the install. During the Christmas season we service the lights in the event bulbs burn out or other issues arise. After the holidays, we then come back and remove the lights, box them up and then store them in our warehouse free of charge!

For more information on Christmas lights, click here to visit our youtube page.