Have you ever wondered how termites get into your house like little ninjas?  They build what is called a mud tube that comes from underground and leads to an entry point into the house.  The real issue with these tubes however is if you are not paying close attention you could easily overlook them.  As you can see in the video, they are very small and blend in with the concrete color. When the tube is active you can usually knock it back and see multiple termites going back and forth.  Be warned though that knocking the tubes down doesn’t get rid of the termites, they will just move down the wall and start over. They only need an opening that is 1/32 of an inch big to get access.  When you see these tubes it is usually safe to assume they are already feeding in the house so you need to act fast. If you need any help identifying a possible termite tube send us a picture. Hope this helps!