The blueberry’s native adaptation to both the soil and the climate of the Southeast makes it a productive fruit for Louisiana… and it’s a pretty tasty one as well! 
Here are some helpful facts on blueberry plants:
Requires acidic soil
Full sun throughout the day will help produce the best harvest.
Rabbiteye blueberries are shallow-rooted and need well-drained soils. 
Rabbiteye blueberries produce best through cross-pollination. It is recommended that at least two to three varieties should be planted together.
Can be grown as a hedge or feature shrub in landscapes. Can also be grown in containers.
Plant shrubs 6 to 4 feet apart in the fall or winter, when plants are dormant.
Here is a recipe for blueberry pie bars you might want to try:

Do you have a favorite blueberry recipe? We’d love to know!

You can learn more about this Louisiana super plant on the LSU Ag website:

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