If you see your Crape Myrtles looking similar to these, you may have a scale problem. Scale will adhere to the bark and excrete a sticky honeydew onto the Crape Myrtles. Over time, without treatment, the scales “waste”, builds up and continues to worsen the appearance and health of the tree. Treating with an insecticide for aphids and armored scale will deter them in the future. It is best to follow up within a few weeks with a deep root systemic treatment. Doing this as close to the beginning of spring or early summer is best, because this is when the critters are most active. Regular treatments, over time, will help keep those unwanted guests off your beloved Crapes! The waste may need to be power washed or scrubbed off, or you can wait until the bark sheds on it’s own over time. Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions! #matthewslandscapeandpest #wefeedgrass #shreveportlawncare #bossierlawncare