As it warms up we have 3 tips for lawn to make things better.  

1:  Make sure you are cutting your grass higher than normal.  As the grass gets taller it will also get thicker.  Thicker grass leads to healthier grass and better roots.  The taller grass also offers additional shade and protection to the roots as well.  

2:  Water for longer.  You are better off watering the grass fewer times a week but for longer periods of time.  An example would be some people tend to water their grass everyday for 10 minutes.  You would be better off watering 2 times a week for 30 minutes each provided there is no run off.  Watering longer allows for a better soak into the ground. 

3:  Water early in the morning.  When you water early in the morning the wind tends to be less so you get less waste or loss.  It also allows the water to sit on the ground and soak in.  When you water during the day you will lose some to evaporation over soaking in.