It is springtime and with everything growing, so are weeds! Three of the most common ones we are seeing right now are chickweed, poa annua, and Carolina geranium. Chickweed is a cool-season annual weed. It actually germinates in the fall and flowers in the spring. This weed spreads through seeds and grows in a mat. Poa annua, or annual bluegrass, is another cool-season weed that is primarily spread through seeds. This weed favors compacted soil, but will grow in most soils and is most common in Bermuda. Carolina geranium is yet another cool-season weed. Again, this weed spreads through seeds, germinates in the fall, and will flower in the spring. Geranium is common in areas where the grass is thin. All three of these weeds are controlled through maintaining a healthy lawn with a regular weed control program. Keeping your grass healthy helps it to grow thick, which helps it to compete and overpower any weeds that may be trying to grow. Mowing often also helps keep these weeds at bay.