Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

A happy customer is a returning customer.  It’s a simple statement but it’s one we live by.  At the end of the day, you deserve a customer service company that provides exceptional lawn and landscape service.  DO NOT trust your lawn to just some guy in a truck who came with a cheap price. The sweet taste of a good deal will soon be replaced with the bitterness of a poor job.  

We have a policy that you aren’t just a client, but rather a friend and partner.  The way a lawn and landscape looks tells people a lot about the owners and the property’s curb appeal and this is why we set the highest standards in business.

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Top 3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Landscape Company

1:  Make sure you are getting one of the strongest GUARANTEES in town.  Any job worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well.

2:  Make sure your family and your home are protected by asking for copies of insurance.  Make sure to do enough homework to see just how reputable they actually are also. Nothing is better than social proof.

3:  Do they know what they are doing and do they have the licenses to back it up?  You may be surprised to hear but most all yard work requires a license from the Department of Agriculture.  

The Best Landscape Maintenance Offer is Not Enough…Demand Guarantees.

Our Different Plans:  We realize that every person and their needs are different.  This is why we have several different options to best fit what works best for you.   Our landscape maintenance comes in 3 different levels: Good, Better, Best

The Good Plan:  When you are signed up for our Good Maintenance you are still getting better than most.  You will be set up for every other month visits. Before these visits we will contact you prior to the visit to see if there are any special requests.  When we arrive, the crew will do general maintenance such as pull weeds, trim what is needed, remove dead plants, etc…

The Better Plan (Most Popular):  Our Better Maintenance is the most popular.  There will be monthly visits for all of your routine maintenance needs.  Prior to your service day a supervisor will do a walk through of your property.  While there, they will complete our in house checklist to grade the property, make job notes for our crews and get an overall feel for the status of the property.  We will make contact with you before the visit to see if there are any special requests.

The Best Plan:  The Best Maintenance is just that…the best you can get.  You will have access to our best crews, best managers, best time slots, best of everything.  This package is for the person who wants it all taken care of with no worries. Regular QC checks will be made by our supervisors throughout the month.  There will be monthly visits to keep the beds weed free, routinely trimming the shrubs to keep a manicured look, fertilization and pest prevention of the beds, routine sprinkler system inspections, custom annual flower designs and much more.  If you are serious about your landscape beds and how they look this is the package for you.

Spring/Fall Clean Up:  Some people just need help getting the major clean ups in the spring and the fall performed.  If this is all you need help with we are here for that as well.

Weekly Mowing-All of our crews use small push mowers, not heavy, over sized commercial zero turn riding mowers.  Benefit 1 is there are not tire tracks and ruts left behind from heavy mowers. Second it is easier to mow your lawn following rain since push mowers are smaller.  Finally they are just better…hands down a better cut! A standard mow service also includes using a edger along all the concrete areas, weed eating around all obstacles and blowing the entire area off with a blower.

Sprinkler Maintenance-A properly working sprinkler system is by far the unseen hero of any good looking lawn.  Sprinkler heads need to be fixed, values need to be replaced, timers need adjusted for the different times of year, winterizing needs to be performed and any other things that come up.  With our different packages you don’t have to worry about how, when, or why the sprinkler systems needs to be addressed, you just know it is handled.

We also do Fertilization! For more information Click here