Matthews Landscape has been in the Christmas Lights Installation business since 2008. Our focus has always been on making the installation and maintenance of your lights a stress free part of your holiday celebration. To make sure you receive the best experience available we have made sure every installer goes through a series of training and saftey classes to help them become the best they can be.  We provide all the custom fit materials to our clients for the install. During the Christmas season we service the lights in the event bulbs burn out or other issues arise. After the holidays, we then come back and remove the lights, box them up and then store them in our warehouse free of charge!

Materials We Use:

  • We provide commercial grade lighting material using the traditional C-9 bulbs in energy saving LED. The lights are custom fit to your house and made to order, with no extra lights to hide or put in place you don’t want them. We also use special clips to attach the lights to you house without causing damage.
  • We also have a wide variety of pre-lit wreaths and garland.  They are commercial grade and thicker than would will normally find in stores. Our wreaths come standard in 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches and 72 inches.  The garland is equally attractive and comes 9 feet long and 14 inches wide. Most doors need 2 to 3 pieces. These can also be used on banisters, windows, hand rails or most other places.
  • Our ground stake lighting outlining your landscape or sidewalks are also an option for your lighting design.
  • LED mini lights can be used for wrapping your trees in the yard or landscape.  You can do everything from a simple trunk wrap or extend the lights all the way out to the tips of the limbs.
  • Most extension cords are custom cut to length and can be hidden when possible.

How it works:

  • First you can call into our office at 318-286-0967 or email us at to request a free, no obligation estimate for your lights. It isn’t necessary for you to be present at the time of your estimate.  Ours estimator will take detailed measurements on all aspects of your house and give several detailed options to choose from.
  • Next you can expect to see your estimate come to you via email.  After reviewing you can pick and choose from the options given and send the estimate back to us with your desired install date. Please note that we try to accommodate everyone’s request and give dates on a first come, first service basics.
  • On the day of install it isn’t necessary for you to be present however, you will need to ensure we have access to your power supply. Our uniformed installers will be in and out in a timely manner causing as little disruption as possible to your daily routine.
  • We guarantee every bulb and every strand for the entire season. We typically respond to your service call on the same day to trouble shoot a circuit or replace a bulb at no additional cost. You deserve the best customer service so let’s work together to make this a memorable time. Please note though that unless you call or email us with an issue, we cannot hold up to our end of making this a great experience.
  • The first week after New Years we begin the removal process. Included in your quote was also the cost to come back to your house to remove the lights, properly store them away and label everything for next year. We also will take your lights back to our warehouse and store them for you till the next year free of charge.  In the event you would like to keep them up longer please make sure to let our office know this ASAP!

We work hard to earn our clients trust and will always go above and beyond to ensure you get the best possible product at a fair and reasonable price.  In the event there is an accident, we also have taken the necessary steps to provide additional insurance to cover any incidents that could happen.