Landscape and Lawn Care Maintenance

If you live in the Shreveport / Bossier City area you only want Matthews Landscape to provide you with your landscape maintenance services.  DO NOT trust your landscape to just some guy in a truck who came with a cheap price.  Trust your property to a true licensed professional that has 100’s of happy clients to backup their claim to be the best in town.

We have built a reputation by working with only Louisiana State Licensed Landscape Horticulturist who benefit from constant training on the modern developments and technologies in plants and all of their needs.  We have a policy that you aren’t just a client but rather a friend and partner.  The way a lawn and landscape looks tells people a lot about the owners and the property’s curb appeal and this is why we set the highest standards in business.

Fall 2013 179 - CopyA happy customer is a returning and sharing one and we guarantee you full service satisfaction, no matter what problems you want us to solve. We don’t just mow and go, neither pull out weeds or cut the shrubs and trees. We provide an integrated landscape maintenance plan we build and agree upon together with flexible scheduling, while we make sure that if you are not fully pleased with our performance, we will start from scratch and solve any issue without you paying anything.

A beautiful yard is the result of a well thought out plan.  We take time to inspect each job and put together a game plan to follow through the year.  We also use only the best products.  Sure, there are some cheaper short cuts to take but that is what you will end up with, a cheap product and a cheap look.  Do not settle for anything but the best.

Once we set up a landscape maintenance plan, including mulching, line trimming around all trees, post, fencing, edging all sidewalks, patios and driveways, shrubs and tree services and many more, we will implement an integrated, personalized program just for you, building thus a unique care plan and a strong relationship for years to come.

The Best Landscape Maintenance Offer is Not Enough. We also Provide Guarantees.

Our business philosophy revolves around the concepts of highest quality standards and offering guarantees to our clients. This is why we are confident that even if you can benefit from our “fix for free” policy, you won’t need to use it, as we will do our job perfectly from the first trial.

Since we work with trained professionals and you won’t see a dull mowing blade nowhere around your lawn and landscape, we think that all you need to do to see if we’re as good as we say we are is to give us a call and ask for a free estimate. We always answer the phone and we provide you with a secure online account and many payment options, including credit card. We know you are a busy person, so flexible schedules are not a problem.

Spring/Fall Clean Up:  Some people just need help getting the major clean ups in the spring and the fall performed.  If this is all you need help with we are here for that as well.  

Here is also a general overview for some of our recurring services.

    • Weeding and general maintenance of landscape beds and plant areas
      • Option 1:  Monthly visits for weeding and general maintenance
      • Option 2:  Bi Monthly visits for weeding and general maintenance
      • Option 3:  Call as needed
    • Trimming of all shrubs to dimensions as per horticultural practices by Louisiana Nurseryman Association
      • Option 1:  4 visits to trim shrubs.  April, June, August, October
      • Option 2:  3 visits to trim shrubs.  April, July, October
      • Option 3:  2 visits to trim shrubs.  April, October
      • Option 4:  Progressive trimming on monthly basis
      • Other visits can be performed upon request
    • Pruning of all ornamental trees by approved horticultural practices
      • Includes the normal January/February pruning of Crepe Myrtles.  Please Note:  Matthews Landscape DOES NOT knuckle back (also known as top out, “crepe murder” or just radical pruning) Crepe Myrtles.  Standard practices dictate to prune dead branches, damages limbs, suckers and other undesirable limbs.
    • Color Change or Annual Flower Replacement
      • Change out the seasonal color in all flower beds.  This usually happens twice a year in early May and early November.  Types of plants and colors can be arranged prior to install if you have a choice.
      • Additional color changes can be performed upon request
    • Mulch/Pine Straw Change

Install mulch/pine straw in all the beds and tree rings where there is none present or the existing has deteriorated below normal standards.  Happens twice a year, early April and early October.  Color of mulch; black, brown, red or cedar, can be arranged prior to install. 

We also do Fertilization! For more information Click here