Complete Irrigation Service

Another important phase in the care of your lawn is to make sure it is properly watered. Too much can be harmful, to little does no good at all.  Did you know that it’s actually better to water your yard fewer time a week but for longer periods?  It saturates the ground and as the yard dries out the root systems must go deeper to find the water.  Deeper roots in turn make for healthier and stronger grass.  When you water for short periods more frequently the roots remain shallow and over time the grass will become thinner and weak

Did you also know that when a sprinkler system isn’t running its best can actually cost you money?  An average sprinkler head sprays 1 ½ gallons of water per minute, there are at least 7 heads per zone, each zone runs for 15 minutes.  That’s 157.5 gallons of water Fall-2013-154-Copy-300x200needed to run one zone of irrigation.  If you have 6 zones that’s 945 gallons of water to run the irrigation system one time.  You see where we are going with this!  If you sprinkler system isn’t running it’s best you are literally wasting your money!  When considering who is going to repair and adjust your system keep this in mind and ask yourself if they are costing you money or saving you money.  This is the difference between a good service technician and a great one!

Not all Sprinkler Repair companies are the same!  Choosing a professional company can be hard with so many fly by night, unlicensed, low priced con artist selling themselves as experts.  How do you avoid making the mistake of hiring one of these companies?  Pick a tried & true, fully licensed and insured, guarantee giving, honest and trustworthy company.

Here is a general plan of our sprinkler service programs.

  • Scope of Work:  Inspection of the entire sprinkler system for problems.  Standard repairs will be made during the inspections.  (Note:  If major repairs are needed, work is billed as time plus material)
  • Schedule of Work:
    • Option 1 (our most popular):  4 standard system inspections.  The 1st in March when the system is first turned on and inspected.  The 2nd and 3rd inspections are in summer months when the timer is adjusted for the changing weather conditions and any needed repairs are made.  The 4th and final inspection is usually in November when the entire system is winterized and shut down to prevent damage during freezes.
    • Option 2:  Monthly system inspections.  These inspections start in March when the system is first turned on.  It is then inspected every month till November when the system is winterized.
    • Service calls can also be requested at any time between normal visits or as needed to adjust or repair any issues that may arise.

Here at Matthews Landscape we take lawn care and landscape maintenance very seriously, and our pool of loyal customers can vouch for the high quality of our services. We learned in so many years of servicing Shreveport and Bossier City areas that proper lawn and landscape care means more than mowing and cleaning and edge trimming, but also proper irrigation, as too little can endanger a lawn’s health, while too much irrigation can turn a healthy turf into a swamp.

No two lawns are the same and we treat each patch of land in a personalized manner, assessing its needs and its specifics, including soil composition, turf varieties and weed threats, so when we start an irrigation program, we make sure your lawn and landscape benefit from the best irrigation program.

We founded our business philosophy on science and development, as we want to be ahead of our times. This is why our certified technicians together with our State Certified head agronomist will firstly assess your lawn needs in terms of integrated irrigation service needs and implement an irrigation program to turn your outdoor space into a true patch of Heaven. The programs we custom – design for our clients respect the principles of cost – efficiency and sustainability, so nothing is going to be wasted, but used at the maximum capacity and efficiency.

Our team can design, troubleshoot, repair and effectively maintain any type of system, delivering worry free service programs. We won’t just start the irrigation program and leave everything up to you. Since we are talking about your lawn in terms of project management, we will be there every step of the way, monitoring and keeping track of everything with our electronic scheduling and service system.

Guaranteed Highest Quality Irrigation Services in the Area

We are so confident in our high quality services, we also practice a full guarantee policy. This means that if you are not happy with the results or how things are going for your outdoor landscape, we are a phone call away, combing back and solving all problems free of charge. We are also flexible in scheduling and will adjust our interventions according to your needs.

If you want to put us to the test, remember we always answer your phone call and we also provide free estimates, so you can take an informed decision. We learned that happy customers are the ones who call us back next season and are willing to talk about us with their friends and neighbors; this is why we only work with the best trained people in the field and the latest technologies. You can test us immediately and see that our irrigation services are the best money can buy!


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