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Centipede Yard Looking Sad?

Centipede Yard Looking Sad?

If you have centipede grass as your main turf grass, chances are, your lawn looks somewhat like the photo above. Centipede took a bit of a hit with the cold weather that we had. The good news is that the grass is mostly okay. Most of these lawns just need to be mowed....

Fungus: Brown Patch vs. Take All

Fungus: Brown Patch vs. Take All Watch along to find out some of the key differences in the two main types of lawn fungus that we see in our area. Hope this helps and if you need help identifying a problem area, let us know! We’d be happy to help!

Ant Beds In Your Lawn?

Ant Beds In Your Lawn? With all the moisture as well as warmer temps, you may start seeing fire ants pop up everywhere on your lawn. Most routine lawn programs offer some sort of insecticide to take care of bugs like this in your lawn. If you’re not on a program,...

Prepping For Annual Color

It’s almost time for spring annual color! That means that you should be pulling any fall color and prepping your beds for the new flowers. Annual flowers need good quality soil that drains well. Don’t use a soil that clumps up. Soil that clumps will hold moisture...

Transformation Tuesday! Check out this awesome transformation! This property got a facelift. All plant material was removed and in its place, a much more modern design was installed. Then the area was top-dressed with fresh pine straw.

Debunking Termite Myths We're over here debunking 5 of the most common termite myths that we hear!



Azaleas have started blooming! These guys generally bloom once a year, unless you have the encore azaleas that bloom again in the summer months. Azaleas are super popular for their bright full blossoms that bloom around Easter. They do best when planted in the morning...

Plant Healthcare: Fungus

Plant Healthcare: Fungus Here is another plant healthcare issue to watch out for! While we know that our grass can be plagued with fungus, your plants can be too! Plant fungal issues are a big problem around our area. Depending on the plant, leaves will turn a...

Not All Mulch Is Created Equal

Not All Mulch Is Created Equal Ready to freshen up your mulch? Remember, not all mulch is created equal. The cheaper mulch may be the best deal for your wallet, but it won’t give you the best results. What you get with the better quality mulch is double-ground and...

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