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Tree & Plant Health Care

Your landscape is an investment for your home. Make sure you’re taking the proper steps to protect your plants against pests, disease, and nutrient deficiencies. Having a health care program for your landscape is just as important as having a lawn weed control and fertilization program. Plant health care is one of the most important aspects of a beautiful landscape. We have different treatment program options for trees and/or shrubs throughout the landscape to keep them at their best.

With our basic tree and shrub program, trees and/or shrubs are fertilized and treated for pest prevention through 6 applications throughout each year. 

Our tree and shrub fungicide program prevents fungus within the landscape area through 5 applications throughout each year. 

We also have a crape myrtle scale treatment plan, which involves treating the tree with two insecticide applications spaced about two weeks apart. The first application is a foliar treatment and the second is a deep root injection, which allows the product to enter the tree’s root system.


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