Pest Control


3 Things to consider when hiring a Pest Control Company 

1:  Do they know what they are doing?  Being a licensed pest control operator in our area is harder than you may think.  Because of the nature of the service, there are several licenses and insurance requirements from the Louisiana Agriculture Department.

2:  How are you treating my home?  Are you constantly spraying chemicals inside of the house where my family lives or do you know how to control the pest issues from the outside?

3:  How often are you coming?  With advancements in newer products, you only need to get 6 applications a year.  Not the monthly visits some people will try to sell.

How it all works…

Let’s answer the most important question first…How much does it cost?  The answer, average homes start at $34.99/application.  How can we do it for this price?  By being proactive with our scheduling and routing we are able to be as efficient as possible.  Instead of driving all over town providing service we focus on only certain areas at a time.  When the driving around time is reduced we are being smart about our labor and therefore can offer a competitive price.    We also have a pretty awesome referral program as well.  If you refer us to one of your neighbors and they sign up we will give you a FREE application.  And there are no limits to the number of referrals you can have!

Our program is designed to benefit you by protecting your family and time.  Using quality products we are able to limit the number of visits needed to only 6 per year instead of monthly.  The best part is, all 6 of these visits are on the exterior of your home so you do not have to be there.  The products are colorless and odorless so once it is dried you won’t be able to tell we were even there. The biggest benefit of this though is no more chemicals inside of your home!  

You may be wondering how we can control pest inside your home by just treating the outside.  With the exception of 2-3 bugs, all the pest you see inside your house come from the outside.  By spraying a barrier around the entire house we can stop them before they ever get in.

The Program…

Your first visit is always the most important.  All of our routine applications are made on the outside of your home to prevent pest from ever getting in.  If you are currently having a bug problem, we may need to come inside for this first application. Remember the idea is to keep them from ever getting in so if some are present we need to address them one time.  During the normal visit we will spray around the entire outside of your home putting do the barrier. We will also be sweeping the spider webs where we can reach. If we notice any unusual activity we will make sure to let you know.  After about 20 minutes once the product had dried you can go about your normal routine. Is this pest safe is a very common question. Yes! We have designed the entire program around being safe for you and your family, both human and fur!

Got Mosquitoes???

We want to start off by being honest.  This is Louisiana so completely getting rid of your mosquitoes is unrealistic.  Controlling them to the point where you can enjoy yourself outside is very realistic!  If you are on our pest control program and would like to control your mosquitos as well then let’s get started.

How mosquitoes live…

For mosquitoes we use a process known as fogging or a barrier spray.  To understand how this work you first need to know how mosquitoes live.  First off did you know only female mosquitoes bite? They use the blood to feed and lay their eggs.  For food both male and females consume nectar. The other benefit of feeding on the plants is they offer shade from the sun.  This is why mosquitoes are more active in the evening when the sun is going down.

How we kill them…

Just like pest control these applications are applied every 6-8 weeks.  Now that you know the mosquitoes feed in the plants we know how to kill them.  When we use our fogger we spray the entire landscape area down with an insecticide.  Another secret is what’s called an IGR or insect growth regulator. When they come into contact with this IGR it renders them infertile.  They also carry it back to the water where the eggs are laid. Once in the water the IGR comes off them and also kills the eggs. It’s a process that just gets better with time.  


Just to make sure we are all on the same page…

At Matthews, when it comes to bugs, pest and mosquitoes, our goal is simple.  We:  kill, assassinate, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, execute, slaughter, butcher, massacre, annihilate, exterminate, mow down, shoot down, knock off, take out, whack, dispose of with prejudice, neutralize and slay bugs, pest and mosquitoes.