Bug and Mosquito Control

Two of the most precious things in life are your family and your time.  Our program is designed to protect and value both of these things.  By using the best products available we can limit the number of visits needed to only 4 a year.  The best part is they are all exterior treatments which means you do not have to be home in order to have service.  The other obvious benefit of a exterior treatment is your family is not exposed to the chemicals.  Since all the products used are odorless and colorless, once it has dried in 20 minutes you won’t be able to tell we were even there.  You may be wondering how we can provide pest control service without coming into the house.  Most all bugs and pest get into your house from the outside first.  By applying a barrier at their access points you can kill and prevent them from getting in.  There are a very few instances where you can still have an bug problem inside but it is usually related to some other source that is easy to control.  As an additional benefit we all make sure to use a sweeper to get those spider webs that like to form in the eves of the house.  We will also take care of any ant bed that is within 50 feet of the house.  If you ever do have a rodent issue we can easily handle them with a variety of different traps.

Got Mosquito problems?  Well considering the mosquito was invented in Louisiana we are not surprised.  The only thing worse than stickers in your grass is getting eaten up by mosquitos!  We use a process known as fogging or barrier spray to help control mosquitos in your yard.  The best part is it’s done with a water based product that doesn’t leave an odor or residue behind.   The logic behind how it works is actually quite simple.  You may be surprised to know that it is actually only the female mosquitoes that bite.  The use the blood to help feed and lay their eggs.  The other thing about mosquitoes is they need nectar from plants to feed on.  Not only do the plants provide nectar but they also offer shade from the sun.  Basically they will hang out in your plants feeding until they find a blood meal.  We use the fogger and spray all of the landscape and other areas the mosquito hangs out in so when they land there the insecticides attach to them and result in death.  We also use what’s called an IGR (insect growth regulator).  This renders the mosquito inferital and when they fly back to the eggs it kills them and everything else.  It is important to note that mosquito control is a process that just gets better with time.  Every application does a little more to help kill of these little guys!

Just to make sure we are all on the same page…

At Matthews, when it comes to bugs, pest and mosquitoes, our goal is simple.  We:  kill, assassinate, eliminate, terminate, dispatch, finish off, execute, slaughter, butcher, massacre, annihilate, exterminate, mow down, shoot down, knock off, take out, whack, dispose of with prejudice, neutralize and slay bugs, pest and mosquitoes.