Mosquito Control

Can’t get the mosquitoes under control? We get a lot of calls from customers asking why they are still getting bites even after they use candles and body sprays whiles being outside. The problem is, you will never be able to eliminate mosquitoes in Louisiana. You can, however, stay ahead of the problem and get on a treatment plan that will drastically reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your home. 

Considering the mosquito was invented in Louisiana it should also come as no surprise the need to kill these guys off.  The only thing worse than stickers in your grass is getting eaten up by mosquitos!  We use a process known as fogging or barrier spray to help control mosquitos in your yard.  We do this with a water based insecticide that doesn’t have a smell, leave stains or residue behind. After approximately 30 minutes after your application, you won’t be able to tell that we were there other than the fact that you are not getting eaten up by mosquitos anymore!!


You know you hate them as much as we do!  Lets get this started.  If this is something you’re interested in, please take us up on the $9.00 first application price.  Enjoy the outside again!  It’s easy and most import it’s safe.  Kill mosquitoes and their eggs without worries.

How Much Is It: Lets get the most important question over with first. Our applications start at $40 per visit and go up depending on the size of your property.

How We Do It: We spray your yard with a barrier spray using a back pack misting blower. When the mosquitoes show up, there is a lot of murder…death…killing!

How Safe Is It: Everything we use is safe for people, pets and plants. Within 15-20 minutes of us being there, everything is dry and you can not tell we were there.

How Often Is It: We come and treat your yard every 25-30 days depending on the weather and schedules.

What Do We Use: We use 2 different products. One kills the adult mosquitoes after they have landed in the yard and the other is an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). The mosquitoes then carry the IGR back to the breeding and egg laying site. This is what kills the future babies. We don’t like them either.

To make sure we are all on the same page 
We: Kill, Assassinate, Eliminate, Terminate, Dispatch, Finish Off, Execute, Slaughter, Butcher, Massacre, Annihilate, Exterminate, Mow Down, Shoot Down, Knock Off, Take Out, Whack, Dispose Of With Prejudice, Neutralize and Slay Mosquitoes.