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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

Our Different Plans:  We realize that every person and their needs are different. This is why we have several different options to best fit what works for you. Our landscape maintenance is split into 3 different levels: Good, Better, Best.

The Good Plan: When you are signed up for our Good Maintenance you are still getting better than most. You will be set up for maintenance every other month. Before these visits, we will contact you for any special requests you may have. When we arrive, our crew performs general maintenance such as pulling weeds, trimming as needed, removing dead plants, etc.

The Better Plan (Most Popular): Our Better Maintenance is the most popular. When signed up for the Better Maintenance, you will be set up for monthly maintenance visits. Before the visit, a supervisor will do a walk through of your property. While there, they will complete our in-house checklist to grade the property, make any job notes for our crews, and get an overall feel for the status of the property. We will make contact with you before the visit to see if there are any special requests.

The Best Plan: The Best Maintenance is just that…the best you can get! Clients on this package have access to our best crews, best managers, best time slots, best of everything. This package is for the person who wants it all taken care of with no worries. Regular QC checks will be made by our supervisors throughout the month. Monthly visits to keep the beds weed-free, routinely trimming the shrubs to keep a manicured look, fertilization and pest prevention of the beds, routine sprinkler system inspections, custom annual flower designs, and much more. If you are serious about your landscape and how it looks, this is the package for you.

Spring/Fall Clean-Up: Some just need help getting the major clean-ups in the Spring and the Fall performed. If this is all you need help with we are here for that as well.

We also offer irrigation and landscape lighting services.


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