Crabgrass is a very common weed in our area. It is most often confused with dallisgrass. Crabgrass has a broad grassy leaf along with tiny hairs on the stem. This weed can be seen in early summer, but it is typically a late summer weed. This is why it is so important to get your spring pre-emergents down at the right time. If you put them down too soon, you’ll have late summer weeds like crabgrass break through. Don’t worry though! If you do have crabgrass, it can be treated with an application of Tenacity. Be prepared though, as Tenacity will turn your crabgrass white. The way it works is by bleaching out the blades and interfering with the photosynthesis process. It’s actually pretty neat to see! If you have any questions about crabgrass or need help identifying it, let us know!