Winter Time Pool Maintenance

We had the chance to talk with Michael Moore from Morhead pools about wintertime maintenance of you pool.  One of the biggest we talked about was making sure to keep the skimmer baskets clean of leaves and pine straw.  This time of the year with all the trees dropping leaves he said sometimes it could be a daily chore.  When they get clogged with trash it puts the pool pumps under a lot of stress and could lead to a pump failure.  Also speaking of pumps, make sure the water level is keep at the correct height during the off season.  Another important thing to watch for is the chemistry of the pool water.  Often times people slow the pumps down to save money and this creates a issue with algae and such building up.  Remember to still test your water chemistry and make the needed adjustments.  If you need help with this, Moorehead will test your water free of charge and tell you what is needed to correct any issues.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask us or call Morehead directly.  For everyone in Bossier, don’t forget they have a location on Benton Road as well!