When is best to start lawn care?

When the best time to start lawn care can have several answers, all of which are subjective. The truth is anytime is a good time. It isn’t something that should be turned on and off so just get started. Some would argue to wait until the Spring. I feel like starting in the Fall is as good as time as ever. By starting now you get the chance to apply pre emergents and prevent your Spring time weeds. You also get to work on making the grass as healthy as possible before it goes dormant. When it goes dormant in a healthy thick state, it will green up and start growing faster in the Spring. If you waited until the Spring to get started you are left fighting the weeds, trying to get the grass to come out from being dormant, filling in thin spots, fighting off diseases and a list of any other possible things. If you were ever thinking about getting a program started, now is as good of time as any!