Understanding How Lawn Care Works

To understanding how lawn care works is to understand what the yards needs and when it needs it!  We say weed and feed sucks because it is taking a reactive approach to your lawn and not a proactive one.

Pre Emergents are a preventive way to “prevent” weeds from growing.  If you can prevent them from growing then you don’t even need the “weed” part.  Weed and feed also is a granular products.  This means the material has to stick to the weed itself in order to kill it.  It also will not have any effect on the seeds that are still in the soil and haven’t grown yet.  This leaves you having to constantly kill weeds as they grow and show them self.  Also the feed is a process that doesn’t need to happen until later in the spring when the grass starts to grow.  By this time your prevention options are to late.

Remember to be proactive this year and prevent the weeds from ever being a issue, don’t get left having to kill them all year long!!!