Do you have a tripped GFCI?

If you have Christmas lights on your house and you had issues last night, check your GFCI plug. A lot of people will have issues with their GFCI plug because of rain.  They are super sensitive. When you think about Christmas lights you think about all the hundreds of little bitty connections… the slightest bit of water can get into and trip this GFCI.  With the rain that we had, some people may not realize that the smallest of rain can trip the GFCI. If your lights are off, try resetting the GFCI.  Where are the GFCI? They are throughout your house, typically around areas with water (bathroom, kitchen) but usually they are in the garage. All you need to do is find the GFCI and reset it. If you have any questions, let us know! Have a great day!!

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