How to treat Brown Patch this winter

Brown Patch has been a huge nuisance this year. Brown Patch is a grass fungus and you can find it more in the St Augustine than any other. This year we intentionally left a section of our grass untreated so you can see what it actually looks like when it is spreading.   It will actually make your grass look dead.  It’s not dead, don’t worry!  You get brown patch when the temperatures change.  Lately, we have had very cool mornings with very warm afternoons.  That’s the perfect temperature swing that Brown Patch needs to thrive.  If you are worried about it, don’t!  You can treat this with a fungicide.  Do remember that with treatments you might have to apply more than once to completely stop the fungus.  Most fungicides only last two weeks so multiple treatments will have to be done.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  We’d love to help you out.  Have a great day!

Suggestion for a fungicide to use:  Propiconazole