The Cycle of Scale and Mold

You have seen it all over town by now.  Black mold growing all over trees and shrubs.  Do you know how it got there or what to do about it?  The black mold is a sign of 3 different issues going on.  The good news is if you take care of only one you will fix them all.  The root of all the problems is with a bug called Scale living in the trees, typically Crape Myrtles.  The new bugs hatch in the Spring and start making their way to the tops of the tree during the summer.  At the same time they are feeding on the tree by sucking the sap out of them.  As they get older and larger they develop a type of armor that helps protect them.  Next time you see the black mold look up and you will see small white patches everywhere.  As the scale feed on the tree they go to the bathroom on the plants below.  This clear sticky stuff is called honeydew.  Once the honeydew sits on the plants, a black sooty mold grows on it which is what most people notice first.  The solution to all of these problems is to kill the bugs.  By getting rid of them you stop the pooping which stops the mold!  The best time to spray for the bugs is in the Spring when they are you.  We also recommend a deep root injection so the insecticide will be taken up into the root system.  When this happens the insecticide exist in the tree bark so that as the bugs feed they eat the chemical and die.  It should also be noted that treating for them is on going process and will require treatment each year until the are completely gone.

This is a link to the product we have the best luck with.  Let us know if you have any other questions!