Sticker Weeds

Flash back to the Spring…remember all of those weeds in your lawn?  Especially those sticker weeds?

Did you know that is actually considered a winter weed and now is the time to prevent them.  As a matter of fact, most all of the weed issues you had from February-April were actually winter weeds and not new growth.

Apply a pre emergent this Fall and see what happens.  The weeds are just lingering in the grass all winter waiting on the right temperatures to start exploding.  When Spring time arrives the start growing like crazy.

A common one for example is the Burr Weed or Stickers.  Its a winter weeds that starts to aggressively grow in the late winter early spring.  Once the temperatures get high enough the weed dies.  What is left behind is the dead and hardened sticker that you end up pulling out of your kids feet.

The lesson in all of this is to apply Pre Emergents now…in the fall…before it is to late.