What to do when you see fire ants?

May Showers bring June….. FIRE ANTS! Isn’t that the saying?

Most people have already put out their fire ant treatments but when you get the torrential downpours like we have had the last couple of days, you will lose some of your effectiveness of the insecticides you put out. It’s not uncommon to see ant hills forming after a good rain even if you have treated your yard for them. In fact, most people are gonna see fire ants hills forming.  Fire ants are a mobile insect and when you put out a treatment for them they do always die but instead just move to the neighbors yard.  When you have a week like this last one with heavy down pours that wash away your barrier, they have a tendency to move back in.  This is one reason why it important to keep your yard on a regular treatment program.  There are 2 general methods to treat for ants.  One is spot treatment of each bed.  This method attempts to kill all the ants in the mound but if you don’t, they just move around and build another.  The more preferred way to to blanket treat the entire yard to prevent them from even moving in.  Here are a few link to some products that are easily found if you want to do it yourself.

For treating the entire yard, Click Here

For spot treating individual mounds, Click Here

If you have any questions or need any help, leave us a comment! Have a great day!