Sago’s and the cold weather

The recent cold weather did a fair amount of damage to a lot of tropical plants.  Sago palms are one of those that just cant handle the temperatures when they get into the teens and twenties.  You will notice several of them around town starting to turn brown on the palm limbs.   It’s important to know that dealing with sago’s anytime the limbs are brown they are dead  and will not be turning green again.  That doesn’t mean the plant is dead, just that the limbs are dead.  The proper maintenance in this situation is to trim the limbs off at the base of the plant.  This spring when it warms up again the sago will start to put off new limbs / palms.  I would not suggest pulling your palms or replacing them with something else.  Generally speaking sago’s can easily survive our normal temperatures.  If you have any questions about your particular situation, feel free to send us a picture in the comments.  Thanks!