How Much Is Lawn Care

Did you know the average person spends $1,100 a year on coffee?

Did you know the average person can treat their lawn with pre emergents  for $40-$60?

The time for effective lawn care is now…do not wait until it is to late.

Most people are surprised to find out how cost effective having a weed free green lawn actually can be.  When you take a proactive preventive approach to your lawn care it really is not that hard or expensive.  When pre emergents are applied at the right time and then the grass is given the right amount of food the rest is history!  It is important to remember the timing of all of your application and not taking a random approach to the program.  As an example our lawn care program has 6 steps every 8 weeks.  Each application is giving the grass things it needs right now but also 4 months away.  Remember timing is everything and its better to be proactive rather than reactive.

If you need help or suggestions with what and when to apply your treatments, please feel free to ask at any time!