It’s March…There is still time

It’s finally March.  Spring has finally started to spring!

If you have ever considered a lawn care program now is the time to act!  The weeds that will give you issues this summer can be prevented now with one simple application of PRE EMERGENTS.  Make a positive impact on your lawn this year.

Weeds are easier to prevent and to kill.  If you are waiting to spread some Weed & Feed in your lawn then you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

DO NOT fall for some slick marketing message about all the promises people can make for your lawn.  They are promises alright…empty promises!

There is not a chemical around that can prevent your weeds once they germinate.  Instead of having to use herbicides all year to kill your weeds, try to prevent them.

Be PROACTIVE…No REACTIVE…apply a pre emergent today!